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Creating an imaging server with windows 2016 and Windows 10

Creating an imaging server with windows 2016 and windows 10. A little Background At my work I do quite a bit of reformatting. This means I have to manually install and setup each computer which can be fairly time consuming. My first attempt to speed this up was to use scripts and GPOs and it worked quite well except for those that needed more software and more complex setups. Plus I still had to sit there and accept all the EULAs and Settings at setup, so I was wasting time. To counter this I did what any aspiring sysadmin would do: setup and test the potential solution in my own homelab. This allowed me to setup the solution without any restrictions and mess up without any real consequences except maybe be down for a few hours.  My Setup Previously I setup my AD domain (, my dns, my DHCP so if you don't have those you may want to set those up now. In addition I spun up a new Windows 2016 with the desktop experience (the service for imaging won