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Enhancing connectivity from AWS to my on-premise network

    A little background If you just want to read how to set it up click here   I've been using AWS for nearly 4 years now, soon after starting college. By the way, if you're not aware, AWS offers $100 credit on top of the extremely generous free tier, watch out for a blog post about this. But recently I've been setting up more advanced environments and fine tuning my process that makes it almost necessary to have a direct link to AWS. The problem of advancing infrastructure. Recently I've been using Saltstack to coordinate spinning up and setting up different EC2 instances. As my salt master is on premises this introduced a unique challenge, I needed to have my minions communicate with my  masters but that required opening up ports to my firewall . Obviously this solution wasn't a great one at all as any open ports means the increasing the attack surface. Now of course I could open it only to certain source IPs but when you're constantly spinnin