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Converting a Cisco IronPort to a overkill home router.

Background When i started researching for a new firewall I had my current firewall (pfsense) virtualized. This can work in many environments but the reason it couldn't work in mine was I didn't have a High Availability environment. This means if any part of my server infrastructure went down, I lost internet for all devices. I kept restarting my server for some testing so it became very inconvenient. My quest for a better solution began. I decided to figure out what i needed from a firewall/router. After some time researching options and configurations, i came to a handful of requirements. 1. Compatibility with an Open Source firewall (Pfsense, Opensense) 2. Rack Mountable 3. Small(ish) 4. Expandable. The chosen one There were several first choices when picking a router. The usual like an r210 II or a whitebox build like .   These are both very great options but they both have their own downfalls, the R210 is a full blown server and the whitebo