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Beyond Static Logging: Introducing Dynamic Log Levels in Go

 This is part one of a multi-part series that I go into making a dynamic logger that allows you to change the level during runtime.  Before exploring how to develop a dynamic logger, let's examine the fundamentals of logging and the use of Enum-like types by many common logging systems. Let's take the standard slog library for example, This is their current logging levels:   const ( LevelDebug Level = -4 LevelInfo Level = 0 LevelWarn Level = 4 LevelError Level = 8 ) The code snippet above illustrates how each logging level is assigned an integer value. This arrangement facilitates navigating between log levels without jumping directly from, say, error to debug. Instead, you can increment or decrement through the levels progressively by setting the desired level in a loop. LevelVar For those familiar with Go and its concurrency model, managing logging levels across goroutines can present challenges, potentially leading to inconsistent logging